Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Can you hold a house without signing?

A. No. It's first come first serve. You must sign the contract and pay the deposit at the time of signing.

Q. Are utilities included?

A. No. You pay all utilities.

Q. What if someone drops out?

A. You’re still responsible for the full amount due on the house, not just your portion. If your group isn't sure... don't sign.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. No. There's enough wildlife in the Ghetto without adding to it. Adopt a squirrel.

Q. Are the houses safe?

A. All the houses are inspected yearly by the City of Dayton Housing Inspection. They are licensed by the City. All houses have interconnected smoke alarms that are tested during inspections. Do not tamper with these alarms, they could save your life!

Q. What about carbon monoxide detectors?

A. Currently, it is not required by City Code, but there is one in every house interconnected with the smoke alarms and located in the upstairs hall of every house.

Q. What about trash?

A. Yes... what about it! You make it, you clean it up. The inside and outside of your house is your responsibility. You could be fined by the City of Dayton for trash in your yard.

My toilet is stopped up!

Plunge it or call Roto-Rooter. You're responsible. It's a good idea not to use paper towels for toilet paper. They may go down the drain... but they'll back up a system. (Also, sanitary supplies don't work well either.)

Q. Where do I park?

A. Anywhere you want. Most houses has at least 2 spaces.

Q. Do I have to leave during breaks?

A. No. The house is yours until the lease is up. 

Your house falls under the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, and is subject to the laws of the State of Ohio, and the City of Dayton. It is not subject to jurisdiction by the University of Dayton. By virtue of you going to UD, they have some authority over you. It's always best to follow the instructions of safety officials and police. It's also important that you be informed, and know your rights. Do not allow anyone in your house, unless you invite them.

Water/Trash stays in the owner’s name, and will be deducted from the security deposit when you move out.

If there are items in your house, such as furniture or packing items you don’t want. Put them at the curb, and call Bulk Waste pickup. Otherwise your usual day for trash pickup will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Trashcans must be placed by the alley or curb for pickup. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the property. Do not allow trash to pile up.


Payment Information:

All payments are to by made to George Kuntz, and sent to 490 Rubicon Rd. Dayton, OH 45419

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