Rental Contract


  THIS AGREEMENT made at Dayton, Ohio, by and between George Kuntz, hereinafter referred to as "Owner", and the following named individuals, hereinafter referred to as "Tenants", namely: (Print Names)








1.  Owner hereby rents to Tenants the house located at _________________, Dayton, Ohio 45409, beginning noon on the 18th day of August 2018, and ending noon on the 12th day of May 2019.


2.  In consideration thereof, the Tenants jointly and severally agree to pay the total sum of $____________ Dollars per semester rent for said premises.  Each Tenant is responsible to see that the first semester’s rent is paid by June 1st, 2018.  The second semester’s rent is due from everyone, by August 1st, 2018. The total sum of $________ which is two semesters rent, must be paid before anyone will be allowed to occupy the premises.  If the rent is not paid according to the above terms, the house can be placed back on the open rental market, with all security deposits and prepaid rent being forfeited.  However, if the house is placed on the rental market this will still not cancel out the monetary obligation of this lease.  If we can't rent the house then tenants will owe the full amount due. If we rent for less than the full contract amount the tenants must pay any difference. Late payments will be charged a service fee of 1-1/2% per month from the date each payment is due.  If any Tenant drops out, for any reason, the total rent is still due on time for the entire house. In addition, there will be a $35.00 charge for each returned check. Tenants are responsible for all collection costs associated with this lease agreement. If any Tenant drops out, for any reason, the total rent is still due on time.


3.  The Tenants shall deposit the amount of $___________ Dollars by ___________, as a security deposit to be held by the Owner until the termination of the Rental Agreement and vacating the premises by the Tenants. Current tenants will have their deposits carried over, less any charges for the current year. The full deposit will be due and payable May 30th, 2017 for retaining tenants.  The security deposit shall be used in whole or part to pay for said damages, any excess security deposit to be returned to Tenants after the premises are vacated, and within 30 days as long as all the rent has been paid.  This application of security deposit shall not prevent Owner from its full legal remedies against Tenants individually or as a group for any damages exceeding the amount of the security deposit.  Further, in the event that any unpaid rent exists after termination of the Rental Agreement, the security deposit may likewise be applied against the unpaid rent by Owner.  The security deposit will be forfeited, on an individual basis, from the date of contract signing if for any reason an individual drops out, unless a replacement is found. No one may stay in the house without signing a contract and paying a security deposit.


4.  Tenants shall be responsible for maintaining the property in as good a condition as when they took possession and shall return the property to the Owner at the termination of the Rental Agreement in the same condition they received it, ordinary wear and tear excepted.  They shall make ordinary and necessary repairs, including replacement of broken glass, and shall be responsible for all damages to the property caused by their willful acts or negligence, or caused by the willful acts or negligence of their guests and invited.  Further, they shall be responsible for notifying Owner immediately of any and all damages to the property and any dangerous or potential dangerous conditions arising on the property. The Owner shall have the right to inspect the property at all reasonable times.  Tenants shall keep the sidewalks on the premises free from ice and snow. All requests for maintenance must be in writing via email to

   If the full rent has not been paid, all damages or repairs must be paid for in advance by the tenant.  


5.  Concerning Utilities -Tenants will pay for all utilities such as gas, electricity, & water. Water and trash will be left in Owners name, but is the responsibility of the tenants. The main cause of extraordinarily high water bills is a toilet, which fails to shut off after being flushed.  Please call 477-7215 at once if you feel this is happening, so it can be repaired. Drainage and sewer obstructions are the responsibility of the tenants. Gas and electric must be turned on in the tenant’s name one (2) weeks prior to anyone occupying the premises, and maintain the services for the duration of the occupancy.


6.  Tenants shall make no alterations or improvements to the property without written consent of the Owner. Only study rooms are allowed in the basements.


7.  Tenants will not permit the property to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any way that will injure the reputation of the property or of the Owner.  They will not permit loud and raucous noises and will not permit any conduct constituting a nuisance in the neighborhood.  They will comply with all city ordinances and the directions of the proper public officers during their occupancy and will keep the property in a clean, safe, and healthy condition. Tenants will be charged for any fines the Owner receives for garbage not being stored correctly, or for trash thrown about the property.  At no time are Tenants to go on porch roof or house roof, and if they do, they will be responsible for damages.


8. The Tenants have inspected the property and examined it and know the condition of the premises and have received the same in good order and repair, except as otherwise specified herein. Owner shall not be liable for any personal or property damage suffered by any of the Tenants occasioned by the condition of the premises now or hereafter, and shall not be liable for any personal or property damage done by or from plumbing, gas, water, steam, or other pipes or sewage or the bursting of any tank, water closet or water pipes, in, above, upon or about the building on the premises; not for damage occasioned by water, snow, or ice being on or coming upon the property; not from any damage arising from acts of negligence of Tenants or other persons coming onto the property or any owners or occupants of adjoining property. In addition, tenants are responsible for fixing any plumbing obstructions during occupancy.


9.  If Tenants default in the payment of any of the rent or in the performance of any of the conditions of this Rental Agreement or if any waste be committed or unnecessary damage done to the property, Owner, at Owner's election, may declare the Rental Agreement ended and enter into the possession of the property and sue for the recovery of all rents and damages accrued under the Rental Agreement or rising out of the operation of law in any manner.


10.  It is further agreed to by the parties that _________________________________ shall be regarded as the "responsible party" representing the other Tenants.  All transactions and notices concerning this Rental Agreement may be served upon the Tenants by serving said Responsible Party.  Said Responsible Party shall collect and pay to Owner at the proper time all rental payments due under this Rental Agreement, on behalf of all the Tenants. There will be a $35.00 charge for each returned check.


11.  The Tenants are responsible for leaving premises clean, and the appliances in clean working condition.  Charges for cleaning the same will come from the security deposit.  Charges will be set for cleaning, damage, and repairs, and are set in the attached addendum. Nothing is to be stored in the house over Summer Break.


12.  No dogs or cats are allowed. If a "pet" is discovered by the Owner or his agent, either in the house or tied-up on the property, then there will be an automatic charge of $500.00.  This includes "pets" being "kept" for a friend or a "pet" being there for just a few days.


13.  Owner does not provide dishes, pans, linens, drapes, curtains, shower curtains, vacuum cleaners, lamps, fuses, and light bulbs. Owner will provide one stove and one refrigerator in good working order. In some cases, a washer and/or dryer is located on the premises. Although they are not necessarily provided, the washer and dryer may be used by the tenants, but the tenants must maintain them, including any repairs. That is all of the furnishings to be provided by the Owner.  The Owner does not provide shades for windows.


14.  If a Tenant fails to return a key for the premises, or a locked bedroom, to the Landlord upon departure, $50.00 shall be deducted from Tenant's security deposit per lock.


15.  Because of rodents, bugs, water, and fire hazards there is to be nothing stored in the basements. No one is to sleep in the basement.


16.  Owner does not necessarily paint the interior of the houses during the summer.  We will provide paint if the interior has not been recently painted.  If you do come back, even one day before your contract starts, your house may not be cleaned or ready for occupancy, and You will be responsible for cleaning the house. In addition, if you take occupancy early, you are responsible for the house when you take occupancy.


17.  No furniture is to be placed on the porch or outside the confines of the building, except metal lawn furniture or patio furniture in good repair.


18.  Tenants are to keep the property free of all bottles, cans, papers, garbage, and debris, both interior and exterior.  Failure to maintain the property in regards to trash is a violation of City Ordinances, tenants are responsible, and can be cited by the City of Dayton. Notices received by the landlord from The City of Dayton regarding trash in the yard will automatically carry a fine each time of $250.00 against the Tenants, which will come out of the security deposit. There will be no signs or banners permanently attached to the house or surroundings.


19.  Smoke alarms are provided in dwellings.  It is the Tenants' responsibility to report any problems with these devices to Owner immediately.  Tampering with alarms is in violation of the Ohio Revised Code and can result in arrest or fines. If there is a problem with the alarms going off due to cooking or other fumes the Tenants agree to notify Owner so that the alarm may be checked. It is against the law to disconnect or disable a smoke alarm in a rooming house.


20. If it is necessary to stay longer in the house, there will be a flat charge of $100.00 per day, Provided that no new tenants are moving in early, and it is empty. If tenants move in early, with the approval of the owner, then the same rate applies. In all cases, it must be approved in writing prior to staying or moving in early.  This does not apply to Christmas break.


   Dated and signed at Dayton, Ohio this ____ day of _____________,______

                                                                        By: _____________________________________

George Kuntz, Owner

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